Get Involved!

iHistoryProject, iHistory Project, interview WW2 veterans, Jeff Worthington

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a student, or a veteran, we invite you to help a teen participate in the iHistory WW2 competition. We challenge you to get involved in connecting the past with the future by telling the stories of America’s World War II veterans. Their stories need to be remembered through us for future generations.


Educators are a key to making iHistory WW2 video contest a reality.  You can promote the competition in your classroom and challenge students to learn about World War II by participating in the YouTube contest. We will be offering resources on our For Educators pages to help you share the competition with the young people around you.


As a parent, you can encourage your teen to be involved with iHistory WW2.  Parents who homeschool can also integrate the video contest into their curriculum to further the education of their teenagers.


Students are the heart of the iHistory WW2 effort. Teenagers like you can bring veterans’ stories to life through video.


America’s veterans have shaped the way our country functions today. Veterans can continue to mold the future by offering to tell their stories.

A unique generation is passing away. Their stories need to be heard before it’s too late. Please take up the challenge and participate in the iHistory WW2 video competition!

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