How to Find and Interview WWII Veterans – Win Prizes – iHistory WW2 Student Video Contest

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By: Heather Van Allen & Jeffrey Worthington

You know you want to interview a WW2 veteran for the iHistory WW2 video contest; now you have to find one.

Start your search by asking a WW2 veteran that you know if they would be willing to be interviewed. If you do not know a veteran, maybe someone you know does. Ask your teachers, friends, and family to help put you in contact with a veteran.

Also, consider visiting or contacting your nearest Veterans Affairs (VA) facility. Staff members may be able to direct you to other opportunities to meet veterans. You might also be able to connect with a veteran through your local American Legion Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post, the National Association of American Veterans, senior citizens centers and even Nursing Homes.

Part of finding a veteran for your project is securing that interview. Write a letter to introduce yourself and to explain the project and the interview process. Include your contact phone number and close with a promise to follow-up with a phone call by a specific date. When you call, repeat who you are and why you want to do the interview. Try to confirm an interview by setting a date, time and place, making it as convenient on your interviewee as possible. If he or she declines the interview, ask for a referral to another veteran who might be willing.

Looking for more tips, tricks and ideas for your WW2 History video? Visit the iHistory WW2 website and Register to read our Finding a Veteran Guide.


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